Sunday, May 01, 2005

Holes and Horsies

After catching the tail end of the drum circling, funnel caked eye candy that is Eeyore's Birthday Party, David W. and myself made it to Hole in the Wall for some Horsies. What a fine show! Although the Horsies now play only once a year or so, you'd never know it by how tight they were. The crowd up front danced unabashedly and I finally had to join in with my attempted polyrhythmic herky-jerk motions toward night's end.

Paul Minor has been doing a great job booking the Hole since it reopened. I can't think of another venue in town with a more consistently diverse array of music. While I still miss the old Hole as it existed prior to temporarily closing in 2002, I'm finding myself over there a lot more often these days. The lack of cover charge is nice (bands play for tips), but the earlier start times are an even bigger selling point for my increasingly tired old ass.

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