Saturday, May 21, 2005

10th Congressional District Cuisine

I met my folks in Round Top this afternoon to celebrate my dad’s birthday a bit early. We ate really good food at Royer’s Round Top Café. My dad and I had their shrimp BLT and my mom had the hamburger, all served on sweet homemade bread. They also make the best pie for miles around.

Thanks to Tom DeLay, I now reside in the same congressional district as Round Top. I noticed they still had campaign flyers up for John Devine, the most rabid of the three wingnuts who ran in the 2004 Republican primary won by Michael McCaul. The Democrats didn’t even bother fielding an official candidate in the general election because Texas' 10th District is gerrymandered from Austin down U.S 290 all the way to the Northwest Houston suburbs in a manner that guarantees a Republican win.

There’s probably not much political common ground between North Central Austin and rural Fayette County, but a good slice of peach pie a la mode can make for some mighty strange bedfellows.

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Jennifer LaSuprema said...

They're just underground, man! My mamma lives in Lavaca County (adjacent to Fayette County) and she was worried about putting her "Bush Is A Punk Ass Chump" bumper sticker on her truck. She did put out her "Americans for Peace" sign, though.