Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lotsa Good Music Tonite

This evening is a real embarrassment of musical talent in our fair city. At the Church of the Friendly Ghost (corner of 3rd and Pedernales), the Golden Hornet Project drops a series of new one-movement string quartets written by Graham Reynolds and Peter Stopshinski. The quartets will be performed by the Red Armada Quartet, four high school students who've been studying music theory with Graham and Peter at the Austin Chamber Music Center. The show starts at 8pm, and admission is pay-what-you-can between $5 and $15.

Kathy McCarty celebrates the long-awaited release of Another Day in the Sun at the Cactus Cafe starting at 10pm. I still haven't heard the new album, but Glass Eye was my first favorite band in Austin and you can read about my fealty to Dead Dog's Eyeball, her just-reissued collection of Daniel Johnston songs, here.

Across the Drag at the Hole in the Wall, the Horsies reunite for a rare performance. Their raffish, intellectual world beat infusion put the groove in the arse of many a PBR-swilling punk back in the mid-Nineties. This'll be a fun show that'll make you want to dance.

I should mention that Horsies drummer Rich Malley played drums in my old band Noodle for about five shows back in 1992. He resigned after an apparently tumultuous set at the Cavity's first anniversary party. I say "apparently" because I drank too much and the only memory I have of the show is Lonesome Dave Fisher flinging canned black beans at my face that I initially mistook for vomit. Good times!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for remembering my enthusiasm. i'm sorry you mistook the beans for vomit.