Friday, May 13, 2005

EXTRA: Free Frosty Weekend!

Today through Sunday, you can walk into any participating Wendy's in the U.S. and get a junior-size Frosty dairy dessert treat for doing nothing more than saying "Free Frosty!" The offer is supposed to be limited to one per customer, but what's going to stop someone from driving around from Wendy's to Wendy's, getting free Frosty after free Frosty, then returning to previously-targeted Wendy's after the shifts change to get even more free Frostys?

With a good map, a full tank of gas and some Lactaid, you could easily stay balls-deep in free Frostys all weekend long.


Kat said...

"balls-deep in free Frostys"
the finger in the chili frightened me much less than this phrase, somehow. . .

BTW, nice piece in UNCUT, GB!

Greg said...

I should apologize for that phrasing, but once it popped into my head, I had no choice but to use it.

And thanks for the feedback on the UNCUT piece!