Monday, May 23, 2005

Stranger In My Old Hometown

I grew up in the tidy suburban Houston enclave of Bellaire, but the house I lived in was torn down in 1999, and virtually every place I hung out is either gone or completely unrecognizable now.

Shortly after getting my first job sacking groceries at Randall’s, I opened a savings account at the building pictured above. I chose United Savings (formerly Southwestern Savings) at 5301 Bissonnet largely because of its groovy architecture. Well, that and its proximity to a Pancho’s Mexican Buffet just across the parking lot.

Sadly, the bank currently occupying the property recently decided to demolish this classic 1960 edifice in order to squeeze in more drive-thru lanes.

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Karla said...

Aw Damnit. My folks used to bank there, too, and I remember always being so excited to get to go with my mom because of the fish tanks they had everywhere. Remember the fish tanks there? They were SO COOL. Mom used to have to drag me out of there when she was done, because i would run from tank to tank and just stare at the fish. . The security guard used to give me lollipops, too, as incentive to get me out.

I LOVE that building. I remember it so clearly. Damn.