Monday, May 09, 2005

The Huffington Post

Center-left pundit and former California gubernatorial candidate Arianna Huffington went live with her new bookmark-worthy superblog today. The Huffington Post features posts from big wheels of all walks like Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Ellen DeGeneres, Mike Nichols, David Mamet, Michael Iskikoff and Laurie David (who reveals Larry likes to watch American Idol). Harry Shearer will be putting those years of voicing Kent Brockman to good use with a media column called "Eat the Press."

For now, though, check out this alarming post about Gerald Posner's upcoming new book, which claims Saudi Arabia has wired its oilfields and refineries with explosives and radiation dispersal devices in case anyone tries to get uppity with the Royal Saud. That would sort of explain all the hand-holding with Prince Abdullah out in Crawford a few weeks back.


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