Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sweating in the Emerald City

I left Austin Saturday morning on my 2005 West Coast solo tour. By the time I got to Phoenix, I was hungry. Hungry enough for a Whopper Jr. At least I managed to get a brisk walk in between the gates of the Barry Goldwater Memorial Terminal at Sky Harbor Airport. You can even buy a box of the Senator’s famous chili mix. In your heart, you know it burns.

While most of the terminal is a model of bland efficiency, the new D concourse incorporates an open-air Southwestern motif with a nice overlook of airfield operations. I wanted to walk over to the other terminal housing airlines other than America West and Southwest, but that would’ve involved going through security again, which is not something you want to mess with over Memorial Day weekend.

The flight from Phoenix to Seattle was punctuated with what aviators like to refer to as “light chop.” My buddy Kevin met me and we took the bus to downtown Seattle for a leisurely repast at a pub called the Owl and Thistle. It was something like the Dog & Duck in Austin, only I didn’t know anyone. They had $2 Budweiser and $2.95 fish and chips for happy hour. It's unseasonably warm here, but no one from Texas would complain.


Anonymous said...

you probably won't read this comment until after you get back to austin, but i highly recommend the cherry almond scones at macrina bakery on 1st ave, the cheese curds at beecher's cheese in pike place market, and the crab cakes at the virginia inn, which i believe is also on 1st ave in belltown.



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