Monday, May 02, 2005

Violet Crown Festival

The Violet Crown Festival isn't the biggest or most spectacular annual neighborhood event in town, but it's my neighborhood event. Come next Saturday, I'll be all up in there representin' Crestview / Brentwood for the o-five, beeyotch!

The VCF goes from noon to 7pm on Saturday, May 7 at the Brentwood Park + Pool, which is just off Arroyo Seco between Brentwood and Justin. Musical guests include the McCallum High School Steel Drum Band, Dale Watson, Jim Scarborough, Hop Culture, the Good Looks and Patrice Pike. Dale Watson's always great, and the Good Looks are sure to be the hardest rockin' band in the three-year-old festival's history. This is a family-friendly event, though, so keep your booze, porno mags and form-fitting Speedos in your own damn backyard!


gene said...

i'm so there. 78757 represent!

snax said...

Hmm, wonder if Violet Crown Soap will be there- haven't seen her at the 4th Street Arts and Crafts or Pecan Street.
If I make it back to town early enough, I want to ride over there- 78756 represented!!