Saturday, May 28, 2005

On the Dark Side, Oh Yeah!

If there's such a thing as Judgment Day, it's going to be awfully rough on my soul when I have to account for getting divorced and switching back to Time Warner on the same day. Capping it all off with an Eddie & the Cruisers reference in the post title surely seals my damnward fate.

I couldn't refuse Time Warner when they were offering free installation and a cable/phone/high-speed Internet package that should run $20-25 less than Grande each month. My bundle includes HBO at $6 per month (normally $11.95), which I didn't get with Grande. With new seasons of Six Feet Under in June and Curb Your Enthusiasm in September, it made sense to lock in HBO at the $6 rate now. My rates will stay the same for one year, too.

I spoke with the salesperson for about half an hour. His scuttlebutt was that Grande may be selling out to Time Warner at some point in the not-too-distant future. You have to consider the source with a rumor like that, but if the Texas Legislature allows SBC and Verizon to offer TV services without having to negotiate municipal franchise agreements, Grande is definitely going to be in a vulnerable spot.

But enough about cable TV. I'm headed to Seattle later today to visit my old roommate, my cousin and a whole bunch of fresh fish.

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