Sunday, March 13, 2005

SXSW Battle Plan: Thursday

Aside from not wearing green in hopes of getting pinched by girls in tank tops, here's the battle plan for Thursday, March 17:

Electrocute, Elysium
Berlin girl duo doing bubblegum dance pop in the vein of Junior Senior. I have a feeling they'll either be really fun or really bad, but my interest is piqued.

Tuxedo Killers, Velvet Spade Patio
Young jagged punk band from Austin I still need to see live.

Apollo Sunshine, Exodus
Intricate, longing pop that reminds me a bit of listening to AM radio at the swimming pool as a kid.

The Grates, Velvet Spade Patio (8:50pm)
Celebrated Australian lo-fi pop trio with drums, guitar and vocals. Think Heavens to Betsy, Bratmobile, etc.

Thunderbirds Are Now!, Whisky Bar
Scattershot supersonic art-punk from the Motor City.

Robyn Hitchcock, Blender Balcony at the Ritz
Ol' Soft Boy is playing at least four different showcases. The Cactus Cafe would probably be the better venue, but this is show is the one that best fits my proposed sked.

The Morning After Girls, Calle Habana 6
Another Australian group, this one with more of a psych-pop drone akin to the Velvet Underground's first album.

Go Betty Go, Emo's Annex
Latina punk rock band from L.A. with hints of L7, Agent Orange and Screamin' Sirens. The drummer and singer are sisters and their old band was called the Nerd Vomits, which is the best band name I've heard all year.

The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Austin Music Hall
Watch a lifetime of classic rock pass before your eyes. I haven't heard the new album, but I really liked Behind the Music.

zZz, Flamingo Cantina
Organ and drum duo from Amsterdam that ought to be playing in a place where go-go girls dance in cages.

The Futureheads, La Zona Rosa
It's not like we need more angular young bands pretending to be late Seventies British art school students, but their songs are catchy and they're supposed to be really good live.

Li'l Cap'n Travis, Room 710
One of Austin's greatest bar bands, equally comfortable channeling the Replacements, the Byrds and George Jones.

Tony Joe White, Antone's
The undisputed king of swamp pop. By the way, he wrote "Polk Salad Annie" and "Rainy Night in Georgia" while living in Corpus Christi.

LCD Soundsystem, Elysium
NYC techno funk for indie rockers by an expatriate of the latter.

Pong, Room 710
If LCD isn't putting on a show, I'm walking across the street to see some locals who definitely will be!

Gogol Bordello, Emo's Annex
Although they're playing at the same time, Pong drummer Lyman Hardy told me I should see Gogol Bordello and he hasn't steered me wrong yet. Extreme Eastern European-style gypsy punk, whatever that means.

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Dermott said...

the Latest opened for Gogol Bordello in Chicago. It was a great show. They do to traditional Ukranian music what the Pogues did to Irish traditional (including gaining the undying loyalty of all respective ethnically-identifying frat boys).

The leader grew up in (and as a boy had to evacuate) Chernobyl and eventually ended up in the Bronx (or maybe Brooklyn). He has a regular Tuesday night dj gig at a NYC Bulgarian community center.