Sunday, March 20, 2005

Crowne Plaza Affair

While celebrity blogging is best left to experts like Felt Up, sometimes even I manage to be in the room with someone famous.

Earlier this evening (or last evening, as I write this), I went to the 18th Floor at Crowne Plaza this evening to catch Rachel Fuller's set. The London singer-songwriter is a certain Mr. Townshend's partner, which resulted in a flood of speculation as to whether there might be a cameo appearance. He did not, but former Mrs. Jagger and native Texas gal Jerry Hall got up to do spoken-word verses in one of Fuller's songs called "Around This Table." It was something about "love" and "mistresses," which was certainly appropriate.

The still-radiant and surprisingly tall Hall was escorted by a gentleman whose SXSW namebadge read "Phil Bronstein." That happens to be the name of Sharon Stone's ex-husband, who's a newspaper editor from San Francisco. Former governor Ann Richards also attended the performance with screenwriter/literary outlaw Bud Shrake.


jennifer said...

Ooh, I'm so jealous! Jerry Hall is a great celeb sighting! All I got was a Hobbit!

Anonymous said...

Mike and I saw Former TX Gov. Ann Richards order some grub at the new Whole Foods HQ on Thursday.