Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Glory of Shrimp

I know it's not cool to like Red Lobster, but when they're handing out platters of 30 shrimp for just $11.99*, I can't help but be enthused. That's a lotta shrimp, folks. They'll even throw in a salad, baked potato and some addictively tasty cheddar biscuits. But you'd better hurry, because a great deal like this will be gone before you know it - just like the 30 shrimp I could eat in less than the time it took me to write this.

*Prices vary in Hawaii, Canada and Times Square.


jennifer said...

A couple of years ago my mom chipped her tooth on a crab leg at Red Lobster--it was the All You Can Eat Crabfest, and it was worth it!

Anonymous said...

Screw the shrimp. I could make a meal out of dem' dere' biscuits.


Kim said...

Not cool? Dude. Where I'm from, Red Lobster was, like, the place you went for the prom, or for birthdays (but it had to be a significant birthday). I went recently and figured out it was just another chain restaurant with lots of "flair," but it still holds so much mystique in my suburban trash eyes.