Monday, March 14, 2005

SXSW Battle Plan: Friday

By Friday, I fully expect to be rewarded for my many years of rock criticism with a raven-headed escort who's "working her way through grad school," an 8-ball of record company cocaine and a suite at the Four Seasons with a TV in the can. If that doesn't work out, here's who I'll be interested in seeing that night:

Titan Go King's, Carribean Nights
I'm a sucker for these cute Japanese punk girls who rock out like Lolita No. 18 and Mummy the Peepshow. Actually, I'm a sucker for all cute punk girls. Okay, I'm just a sucker.

World/Inferno Friendship Society, Elysium
Nine-piece Brooklyn punk cabaret act with the big sound you'd expect from such an endeavor.

Blanche, Emo's Main Room
Dan and Tracee Mae Miller sing haunting, twang-laden tear-jerkers in the style of the Carter Family if the Carter Family had emerged from the indie circuit.

Gretchen Phillips, B.D. Riley's
Former Two Nice Girl is a fine singer and a heckuva songwriter, too. Her version of "Could It Be Magic" out-Manilows Manilow. She'll be playing with her new band here.

Wreckless Eric, Elysium
Honestly, the only song I know by Wreckless Eric is "Whole Wide World," but that is one great song!

The Aquabats, Emo's Jr.
Orange County Saturday morning cartoon punk loaded with sugar power.

The Black Lips, Beerland (10:15)
I've heard these guys are either incindiary or terrible live. Their recorded output reminds me of a Sixties-leaning version of the Dwarves, which would explain it.

The Go! Team, Buffalo Billiards
One of the most excitingly seamless hybrids of vinyl scavenging D.J. culture and high-energy rock I've heard. It sounds like a really good mash-up played live.

Mavis Staples, Austin Music Hall (11:30)
The Staple Singers were one of the last great groups to emerge from the Stax/Volt era, and Mavis Staples can still bring it. I saw her at ACL Fest 2003 in the gospel tent as the sun was going down. Absolutely transcendent.

The Ditty Bops, 18th Floor at Crowne Plaza
Two harmonious girls drawing on ragtime, folk and pop to create a sound all their own. It might be a little too cute for some, but their skew is unique.

The Rezillos, Elysium
One of the great lost punk bands of the late 70s. Comic book humor, guy/girl vocals and wild abandon. The Rezillos formed in Edinburgh in 1976 and were done by 1978, but their sole album is one nugget after another. Prior to their current tour, they'd only played one U.S. show.

New York Dolls, Stubb's (12:30)
David Johansen and Syl Sylvain are the only surviving original members, but this'll still be a big show.

Exene Cervenka & the Original Sinners, Elysium
I haven't always liked Exene's post-X stuff, but the Original Sinners have the fire.

The Frames, Antone's
Perhaps a tad bit overblown, but that's what happens when you trade in 21st Century sing-along anthems.

Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Austin Music Hall (12:30)
His studio work isn't quite there yet, but Randolph's sacred steel inferno injects new life into the tired notion of guitar heroism when experienced in person.

Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Parish
I've liked the nervous indie rock energy put forth by Andrea Zollo and Co. for quite some time, but haven't seen them live yet.

Bobby Conn & the Glass Gypsies, Nuno's
Modern-day glam-addled lounge singer who's taking the piss out of the homeland, but not forgetting to put on a show.

Gorch Fock, Room 710
Explosive acid rock noise collective leading the funeral parade into hell.


Kim said...

What!?, no Blowfly?

Greg said...

Oh no, I wouldn't leave Blowfly out! I'm seeing him Saturday at the Alternative Tentacles showcase.