Monday, March 28, 2005

Pour Some Sugar On Me, Buster

Don't forget that KLRU airs the infamous "Sugartime!" episode of Postcards from Buster tonight at 8pm. It's the one where Buster goes to Hindsburg, Vermont to learn about maple syrup and dairy products from two families that each have two moms and no dads.

After Bush's education secretary Margaret Spellings complained about the show's federally-funded promotion of that particular "lifestyle," PBS immediately caved and pulled the episode from its schedule. Fortunately, Buster producer WGBH in Boston decided to make the episode available to individual PBS stations. In order to allow families to watch the show as a unit, KLRU is bringing "Sugartime!" to prime time.


Leslie said...

Hey Greg,
We've actually seen this one! Arthur is one of the kids favourite shows. They didn't even comment on the 'alternate lifestyle'. I can't even remember if the media made a big deal about it, but they sure did when Playschool showed a similar themed program.

Greg said...


It sounds like a really fun show. My understanding is the two moms are only mentioned in passing since the kids are the focus. Nevertheless, our local PBS affiliate decided to air the episode at night to keep everyone happy.