Thursday, March 24, 2005

Go Team Contrarian!

Despite really enjoying the Go! Team's album, Thunder, Lightning, Strike (currently only available as an import from Memphis Industries), I was very much underwhelmed by their sold-out SXSW showcase last Friday at Buffalo Billiards. The celebrated dance-rock band from Brighton was unable to bring their studio dynamic to the stage and vocalist Ninja seemed utterly superfluous against the roar. The show certainly wasn't worth a long wait in line (though, to be fair, I probably wouldn't wait more than an hour or so to see Jesus jam with the Beatles).

Then I discovered this dismissal was bucking the critical consensus in a big way. Jon Parales from The New York Times raved about the Go Team's show. So did Billboard. Just when I was starting to feel completely out of step, Sam Machkovech at the Dallas Observer came through with this. While you've gotta be true to your own critical faculties, it's always nice to have a little company in the "Why do you hate America, ice cream and puppies?" tent.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you agreed - NYT and Billboard are a bunch of retarded, goat-humping pantywastes, anyway. My friend and I left Go! after three songs in order to salvage our night and catch Ash across the street. That early exit was one of the best SXSW decisions I made.

-Sam M. (check my IP if you don't believe me)