Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday Morning Coming Down

Man, I hate going back to work after pretending to be a full-time music geek for a week. I suppose it would start to suck to be a full-time music geek after awhile, too, but at least I wouldn't have to wake up so damn early. What're ya gonna do?

Here are a few more random fun moments from SXSW I haven't yet mentioned:

1. Seeing the Rezillos rock the house a second time at their Cheapo in-store Saturday afternoon.

2. Having Susan Cowsill apologize to me for using the men's room at the Dog & Duck Pub during the Pop Culture Press party.

3. Watching Steve Wynn greet the arrival of Saturday afternoon's brief but heavy thunderstorm with a makeshift rendition of Eric Clapton's "Let It Rain."

4. Original X-rated rapper Blowfly cracking my friend Adam up so much that he literally fell over backwards laughing.

5. Walking down to Auditorium Shores Friday to see Alejandro Escovedo and realizing I actually enjoy being in the presence of little kids at such events.

6. Being introduced to loverly Parisian singing sensation Keren Ann at the SXSW trade show.


tom said...


this is tom, blowfly's drummer.

When I read things like your friend falling over backwards from laughter, it underlines why we do this thing in the first place.

Which show was that at? Emos or jackalope?

blowfly music

Greg said...


It was the Emo's show. That was a whole lotta fun. Please give my regards to Mr. Reid.


tom said...

hey greg,
Blowfly is playing the red eyed fly in austin next sat, the 3rd. hope to see you out there