Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wooten Elementary Locked Down

The elementary school that bears my neighborhood's name was put on lockdown this afternoon because of a nearby burglary. Neighbors reported several men were walking down Gault Street with weapons. Police suspected there was a man holed up in a house with a weapon, so the school was locked down as a precaution. Four people were ultimately arrested and charged with burglary of a residence.

I haven't looked up APD crime statistics for Wooten in a while, but there has definitely been an uptick in property crimes reported on the neighborhood newsgroup over the last several weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Living in the 'hood, I'm glad I have two dogs that are friendly to everyone but those that haven't been given my permission to be on the property.

If you ever get a dog, Greg, I'd recommend a heeler. Sweet dogs, but extremely loyal and protective of their property, with a jaw second only to a pit bull. Just sayin'.