Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Kate went to Dallas this weekend to try on wedding dresses, so I decided to indulge myself in a full-bodied reversion to male-pattern slothdom.

Instead of dressing up and going out on the town, I stayed home in dirty clothes, ate not one but two meals from Taco Cabana, drank wine from the bottle and listened to 80s AOR like Zebra and Fastway when I wasn't slouched in front of the TV, wistfully watching grainy video of my old bands. The only responsible thing I did was remembering to feed the cats.

Although the whiny little taskmaster in the back of my skull wants to tsk-tsk this abdication as a waste of precious weekend, I'm proud of myself for achieving a remarkably high level of contentment by doing nothing much in particular.

That said, I'll be glad when Kate gets home. I miss her and the cats are starting to get scared.

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