Friday, January 11, 2008

Parking Garage Capital of the World?

Kate has a story today on the free side of the ABJ Web site about the Real Estate Council of Austin’s $101 million proposal to build five parking garages on the edges of downtown Austin with a circulator bus connecting the garages to downtown destinations.

This is a different parking garage plan than the "Austin Parking Enterprise" proposed by the city in conjunction with Mayor Wynn’s visions of circulating streetcars. So long as we’re building an arseload of parking garages at the gates of our increasingly-rarified central business district, why not go one step further by digging up a few streets and building canals where underemployed musician types can earn a respectable living as singing gondoliers?

I try to be reasonable about these things, but if they’re seriously thinking about saddling this garage/bus system with a moniker like “Boogie Around Town,” I'd have to reject it on aesthetics alone.

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