Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Giant Burgers of Fuegos

Kate and I tried a (relatively) new family-run restaurant called Fuegos last night. They serve "authentic Mexican and California cuisine," which translates into a eclectic menu of fish tacos, burritos, ahi tuna sandwiches and a giant burger capable of dislocating a horse's jaw. In a cavalier rebuke to my slightly elevated LDL, I chose the latter.

At $8.50, the Fuegos burger isn't the best deal in town, but it could easily feed two people. Start with a half-pound of cooked-to-order ground beef. Then throw on a mountain of grilled onions, cheese, bacon and avocado. I normally don't like Thousand Island dressing on my burgers, but it worked on this one. Kate's red snapper fish tacos were also quite good.

Fuegos is tucked away in a Latino-themed strip mall in the 7600 block of N. Lamar, just south of Anderson Lane. There's no access from the northbound side of Lamar, but this is food worth making an extra U-turn for. They don't have an alcohol license yet, so BYOB.

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Anonymous said...

Try the chicken fajita burrito. One of the best burritos in Austin.

Taskmaster (Nagel)