Saturday, January 12, 2008

Subterranean Homesick Buffet

I "found" this illegally-placed sign stuck in the grass at the corner of Burnet and Anderson yesterday. I'm not yet sure which continent A+ Buffet's "Continental Food" comes from, but despite my slightly elevated bad cholesterol levels, I plan to find out sooner rather than later.


Hazmat Is Fun said...

I suspect it will be an asian person preparing chicken fried steak. It will be served next to Kung Pow Chicken.

Anonymous said...

What's most alarming to me about that sign is the proclamation "More than one hundred items you can eat!," which begs the question how many more items are on the buffet but are inedible.


Anonymous said...

i agree makes me want to go just to see if there are inedible items

Brett Weaver said...

I have passed this place many times, and I have decided this is the story.

A large family of undocumented workers moved to Austin, and each found work at restaurants with cuisine's different from the last.

After many years toiling... this wonderful family mastered there branch of deliciousness.

Being resourceful and by saving their meager earnings, they eventually had enough money to open their own place.

"What kind of food are we going to serve here?" asked the youngest, with eagerness in his/her voice.
The patriach declares, "Why not everything? That way we will provide for all!"

And thus A+ was born!