Monday, September 19, 2005

Watch the Sunrise

When I was five years old, I found a 45 record in the alley behind our duplex in Dallas. It was nicked up pretty badly, but still playable on my portable Mickey Mouse phonograph. There was a song on there called "Watch the Sunrise" with a chorus that stuck in my head for years.

It wasn't until purchasing the CD reissue of Big Star's #1 Record some 25 years later that I realized I'd unwittingly become a Big Star fan long before they became critical darlings.

I also remembered the melody from "Thirteen" being on the A-side of the record, yet for years I could not find any indication of these two songs ever appearing together on a single. As it turns out, Ardent Records had an error pressing of the single with "Thirteen" as the A-side instead of "Don't Lie to Me" as the label indicates.

Sure wish I'd held on to that one.


Kat said...

that is the bitchinest story ever! how did that single slip through your fingers? too bad. (But the story is WAY better than the object itself, anyway.)
totally beats my "found an 8-track of Nevermind The Bollocks in Woolco's 99-cent bin" claim to fame.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading Rob Jovanovic's book on Big Star right now. (Well, not right this second, but you know...) So I've been listening to their music and thinking about them a lot. Odd that you'd post about Big Star...must be in the cosmic winds...


Greg said...

I'm not sure what happened to the single. I don't remember having it for long. It probably got lost or broken at some point. If I did still have it, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to part with it, so perhaps it's best left as a memory.

I just got that Jovanovic book, too!