Friday, September 23, 2005

Shelter in Place

After waking up at 4am to check the weather, my mom and dad have decided to stay in Houston. Given their location and the track of the hurricane, I think it's better for them to be in a sturdy home than to risk being in a car on a crowded freeway when this goes down.

Already there have been several evacuation-related deaths. Early this morning, a bus carrying elderly patients from Brighton Gardens Assisted Living burst into flames outside of Dallas and killed 24 people. Brighton Gardens is in Bellaire, about a block from where I grew up.

Even if Hurricane Rita doesn't cause catastrophic damage in Houston, I'm wondering how long it will take to get evacuees home and get the city up and running again. Are we going to see similar traffic jams as everyone tries to make their way back?

They're saying this is now the largest evacuation in U.S. history. Disaster planners will be studying it for decades.

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