Sunday, September 25, 2005

Move It to October

Saturday is usually the most crowded day of the ACL Music Festival. Last year's Saturday show brought in about 75,000 along with stifling heat. Although organizers sold 10,000 fewer tickets this year, I found it twice as unbearable.

The main problem for me was not the still-stifling heat so much as the huge cloud of dust that hovered over Zilker Park. Several fits of snot-shooting sneezes doubled me over throughout the afternoon. Whenever I tried to take a deep breath, I tasted grit in my mouth. It was like a refugee camp with turkey legs and ATM machines. I couldn't help but wonder just what was in all that ground-up dirt. Hopefully nothing that could cause an outbreak of winter vomiting disease.

I know scheduling the ACL festival is a complicated dance with UT football games and conventions, but really, why can't they just move it to October when the likelihood of heat waves and hurricanes alike drops significantly?

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