Friday, September 23, 2005

The Show Goes On

I'm about to head over to Zilker Park for the ACL Music Festival. Despite the fact that the Texas/Louisiana coast is already getting the outer bands of Rita, we're expecting triple-digit highs this afternoon. I'll need plenty of sunblock to protect my honky-ass self.

If you're headed that way, take note of the new alternate northern entrance to the festival grounds. That should shorten walking distances significantly for people coming in from the Town Lake pedestrian bridges at Mo-Pac and Lamar.

I feel a bit guilty going to a music festival as our neighbors to the east prepare to be hammered. But as Sting once said before going all soft and tantric, "When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around."

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BB said...

We have two friends who have a kid. During the five years their son has been alive, things have been a bit tumultuous. Separated for a couple years, they made another stab at it this year.

Mostly she's the one who spoke in optimistic tones, wanted to stop "playing house" (her words) and get married.

In fact, she planned to take him to the ACL fest this weekend and propose to him.

Tuesday morning as she bumped into my wife at the daycare, she cried as she explained it was finally over, and probably for good. He moved out.

And watching this storm, and thinking about the ACL fest and how that could turn out... life is just funny sometimes.

Hope you and yours remain safe, Mr. B.