Thursday, September 22, 2005


All highways leaving Houston to the north and west are hopelessly gridlocked. My dad sent an e-mail from his palm pilot around 11:30am saying it had taken them four hours to move 12 miles. He says he's watching his fuel and bladder very carefully.

It looks as though Hurricane Rita is weakening a bit and going toward the Texas/Louisiana border now instead of Matagorda. This should mitigate the storm's impact here in Central Texas. It will, however, put increased strain on the already battered state of Louisiana.

A quick musical update as long as I'm here: the Voodoo Music Experience, originally scheduled for Halloween weekend in New Orleans, is headed for Memphis, not Austin.

I say good for Memphis. It's a cool place to visit with lots of musical history, and their economy can use the extra push.


Uncle Mark said...

Any word from your folks?

Kilian said...

Memphis is coming back in the music world. Goner Records is a part of that. The Rockening a garage rock event hosted by a Chicago zine, Horizontal Action, was to take place in NO but that is moving to Memphis too.

Rock on Memphis.

Kat said...

That was my question... how are these gridlocked drivers going to the bathroom?
The Hancock Center HEB was apocalyptic this afternoon: a Thanksgiving times Xmas-sized crowd, with shelves ransacked and empty or low of many staples. (Water, bread, milk, peanut butter, etc.) Grocery anarchy, and now it looks like we'll be lucky to get a little rain.
One hurricane expert comment I hadn't heard before: a hurricane like this is basically a huge F3 tornado. That put things in a different perspective for me!