Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday Stroll and Scorch

In taking a leisurely but unbearably hot Sunday stroll about the close in/far out environs of Crestview-Brentwood today, I came upon the Burnet Road Flea Market in the parking lot of Get Back Vintage, 4807 Burnet Rd. (next to the Omelettry).

Starting this month, the "Burnet Flea" expanded to the second and last Sunday of each month from 7am-4pm. They only had 4-5 vendors out there today, but I'm betting this market could really blow up once the weather cools down. It seems like a natural draw with the teeming brunch crowd next door.

I spoke with a lady selling soy candles and a man selling cool-looking utensils made of Estonian juniper wood. Get Back had some not-unreasonably priced art deco and mid-century modern furniture, too.

Heading back toward home, I dropped by the Dart Bowl to use the facilities. Their spartan men's rooms are relatively clean if you're ever in the neighborhood.

More importantly, I found out about Dart Bowl's amazing "Monday Mania" promotion. Every Monday from 9pm to midnight, games, shoe rental, soda pops and nachos are all just one buck. I'm thinking about rolling a few tomorrow if I don't wind up at Club DeVille around 10pm for another attempt at seeing Nic Armstrong and the Thieves play.

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dng said...

Ah....Dart Bowl. I just moved from a house that was a two minute walk from DB. I sure miss it, although I've dropped about 15 pounds since moving. The enchiladas and burgers are to damn fine to pass up.

I wonder what all those old ladies are doing on league night now that they can't smoke.