Saturday, September 03, 2005


Just about anyone who plays at or drinks at Hole in the Wall with any regularity knows Waldo as one of those classic bartenders who makes you feel like everybody knows your name.

Waldo hasn't been able to work since having knee surgery, so the Hole's munificent band of regulars are hosting Waldofest tomorrow from 4pm to 2am to help the man out. Good tunes, good beer, good cause and good people all around.

Here's the Waldofest line-up:
4pm Stickpony
5pm Elvis on Speed
6pm Eve & the Exiles
7pm Carolyn Wonderland and Matt Hubbard
8pm Floozy
9pm Passed out Fliers
10pm Texacala & Her TJ Hookers
11pm 20 Eyed Dragon
12pm Two Hoots & a Holler
1am Rockland Eagles

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