Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Putt-Putt Kaput

Sad news for miniature golf playas up in the North Central ATX.

After 35 years, the Putt-Putt course on Burnet Road closed its doors forever Sunday.

This was a solid, pro-style miniature golf course without all gee-gaws and hoo-hahs of Peter Pan Mini Golf. The owners of vintage pinball/videogame shop S and B Amusements bought the Burnet Road Putt-Putt in 2003 with hopes of rejuvenating the property to its Seventies glory days.

Alas, it was not to be. I still have a game token from there in the bottom of my change basket, too. Damn!

Another North Austin closing of note: Fortune Pho 75 has been shuttered to make way for a Thai place. Double damn! They were always my go-to spot when I was in the mood for Vietnamese food.


Kim said...


Dude. That's just wrong.

I have some photos of the last time I visited: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kmel/sets/407687/

Kat said...

Does this mean that you don't want to come to our Peter Pan Potluck Invitational this fall? There will definitely be gee-gaws and hoo-hahs. :>

Greg said...

In lamenting the loss of Putt-Putt's no-frills approach, I shouldn't have spoken so harshly of Peter Pan. I've enjoyed playing there, too.

There is definitely a place for gee-gaws, hoo-hahs and even tee-toes, but only among consenting adults. I'm all about the fall invitational!

Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago, but grew up in Austin playing at that same Putt Putt once a week! I'm so sad. This is NOT Forthefunofit!

jennifer said...

You know your business is in trouble when your other, more lucrative business is a pinball machine repair service.

Karla said...

Fortune Pho is closing? NOOOO!!! I mean, yeah, it was grungy and kinda filthy, and the service sucked, but damn, I liked it. Went there every couple of weeks.

DAMN, my Austin is just disappearing....

Anonymous said...

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