Tuesday, August 02, 2005

State Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend

Texas has one of the higher sales tax rates in the nation, and we could wind up with the highest if school finance reform passes. But not this weekend.

Yes, it's "One Tough Grandma's Annual Back To School State Sales Tax Holiday!" From 12:01am Friday to 12:00am Sunday, you won't have to pay tax on most clothes under $100. That includes diapers - both baby and adult variety (Depends party, anyone?).

While malls will likely be packed this weekend, you may be able to beat the crowds by knocking off a little early on Friday afternoon or going to stores most people have forgotten are still in business, like Beall's.


jennifer said...

Or Blue Velvet. Vintage clothes count, too!

greg said...

To paraphrase the late great Carson, I did not know that used/vintage clothing was also tax-exempt.

Yes, everyone go to Blue Velvet this weekend instead of the mall!