Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Get High and Fly Home with Wingman

Would-be drunk (or drugged) drivers in Dallas now have another reason to stay the hell off the road.

Wingman Designated Driver Services dispatches sober drivers on collapsible mini-bikes to ferry drunks and their automobiles home safely. The folding bikes weigh about 65 pounds and fit in the trunk of most cars. Wingman's owner, Brad Relander, eventually wants to expand the service to other cities in Texas.

Hiring a Wingman costs $15 plus $2 per mile, which is comparable to what you'd pay for a cab, but you wake up the next morning alive with your car conveniently parked at your domicile instead of in the empty parking lot of a bar. The $2 per mile fee will add up for folks in the suburbs, but it beats the continuum of potential horrible outcomes related to driving drunk.

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