Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Pepsi Pushers

Is it just me, or is no one drinking Pepsi anymore unless it goes on deep discount?

Starting this Friday at Albertson's, you can get five 12-packs of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew for just $5 with an in-store coupon and a $5 mail-in rebate. You never see 12-packs of Coke products selling for a buck. At those prices, Pepsi is headed downmarket toward Faygo country.

I try not to keep soft drinks in the house anymore, and I don't even remember the last time I drank a Pepsi, but I'm a stone cold sucker for good deals. Knowing I could buy 60 cans of Pepsi for just $5 is like having a monkey on my back. That's how they get you.


BB said...

With you there... Diet Pepsi is quite good, almost as good as Coca Cola Zero.

But I too have a policy of almost never buying sodas for the home.

Sometimes when company comes over that gets a bit awkward, right?

"Uh... we've got two types of juice, water, milk, soy milk, or I can make coffee..."

dng said...

Actually, about a month or so ago, Alberton's had the exact same deal with Coke products. Buy 4 12-packs for $10, get a fifth one free and then you recieved a rebate form at the register for the $5 rebate. So it ended up being $1 a 12-pack.

Greg said...

Wow, how did I miss that deal on Coke? Not enough caffeine, I guess.

TV5 said...

Pepsi is shit and always has been. RC Cola is far superior to both Coke and Pepesi, but since they're in the Cadbury/Schweppes/Snapple/Dr.Pepper/7Up empire and competing with heavily marketed products (Coke and Pepsi) they have ZERO promotion and Americans HATE trying anything that isn't shoved up their ass with ads. Hate to say it, but it's true. McDonald's is proof.