Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Business Idea

My ex-wife and I went to the bank yesterday to cash our escrow refund check from the sale of our house. As we were leaving, the teller complimented us on how well we seemed to get along despite being divorced. It wasn't the first time someone we've done post-divorce business with has complimented us on that, either.

While it would be better to get nods for having a healthy long-term relationship, I'm proud of being told I come off like a "good" divorced person. Maybe I can posit myself as an authority on the subject and start giving speeches to church groups and civic organizations.


gene said...

sounds like a wonderful business plan, though seminars on how to destroy your ex might be more lucrative. anyhow, changing the subject, have you given any thought to rolling this fall session? evidently, leagues are starting up this week at the dart bowl. think about it and let me know.

Anonymous said...

Greg, I happened onto your site while running googles on Sunday at the office. I have to say (and I mean this), there is nobody whom the idea of blog better fits than you. Your longstanding journaling, taperecording, and witty comments (unlike, say, well, 99.5% of other blogs) on the mundanity of life are perfect for the format. I can't find a way to email you from this site, though. You're welcome to email me at I'll enjoy reading your entries. Best of luck, Terence.