Sunday, August 21, 2005

Dallas EZ's Demolition Photos

A few months ago, the EZ's restaurant housed in a former Kip's Big Boy at the corner of Northwest Highway and Hillcrest in Dallas closed down to make way for an expanded 7-Eleven.

Area preservationists tried to save the building, which was one of Texas' last remaining examples of "Googie" style coffee shop architecture, but the wrecking ball was already in motion. The building and its distinctive sign came down in May.

Randy Carlisle, Scott Dorn and James Davenport took these sad photos of the demolition in progress. The page also has links to photos of other "lost" Dallas area buildings like Big Town Mall, the Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts and the Sportatorium - site of the nationally-broadcast "Big D Jamboree" radio show and numerous wrestling matches.

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