Friday, August 26, 2005

New US Airways Livery Unveiled

Earlier this week, America West and US Airways jointly unveiled the soon-to-merge airlines' new livery, which will begin flying this fall under the US Airways banner.

It's about as interesting a livery as you'd expect from two faltering airlines about to combine into one big faltering airline. Perhaps they're trying to curry favor with the Bush/Cheney cabal by aping their campaign plane look. In all likelihood, though, it's just mind-numbingly safe design-by-committee. If you have to explain to me what the "swoosh" lines signify, your livery isn't doing its job.

I do like the special classic liveries paying homage to past airlines that have been absorbed into US Airways over the years. It'll be especially nice to see PSA's "smiley face" planes return to the sky.

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