Saturday, August 06, 2005

Friday Night at the Bowling Alley

I went bowling at Dart Bowl last night with some pals from the hood. We were drinking PBRs and having a fine old time gazing at all the nubile jailbait. Sadly, I'm too close to the age of their parents now to not feel like I ought to have an tracking device around my ankle just for looking. How the hell are you supposed to bowl with all these short-shorted, midriff-baring distractions running around?

After making sports-oriented conversation with the high school baseball player rolling in the lane next to us, his girlfriend asked Steve if he would buy them beer. He said he couldn't do it because he was on parole - an excellent excuse with cool cachet. Then she looked at me. I still have a lot of karmic debt to repay in this particular area, but the stiffer legal penalties along with piled-on life experience have convinced me that it's just not that good of an idea to buy kids booze. I cryptically said I "work for the state" and left it at that.


Meghan said...

Say greg...why dont you keep your eyes off the kids and come buy your fav. cuz a beer, im only one year away so i need to be doing all the underage drinking I can right? You can expect a call sometime soon, ill be comming to Austin to party with all the "cool college kids"! take care of your self beetsolonely

Greg said...

You're only one year away? Wow, Meghan, that makes me feel REALLY old! Let me know when you'll be visiting the ATX. I'm told that's what the cool college kids are calling it these days.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the Baby Ruth free bowling promo?


Leslie said...

Okay, so I'm only 10 days late in reading this, but why don't you come visit me in OZ Meghan. The drinking age is only 18 here. Too bad the airfare makes it a pretty expensive beer, though.
PS Greg: YOU feel old? I'm 11 months older than you and my daughter turned 15 last month!!!