Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Farmers Market Madness

One of the saddest non-starter developments in town right now is the Travis County Farmers Market on Burnet Road. Ever since I first started going there in the early Nineties, it's been increasingly under-utilized with one empty vendor space after another. Now you're lucky to find more than one vendor actually selling fruits and/or vegetables there.

These days, the real farmers market action seems to be out at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market and the Austin Farmers Market at Republic Square Park on Saturday morning, or at the all-organic Boggy Creek Farm Stand in East Austin (closed until October 1). While it's good to see new businesses like Dog Almighty and the Brentwood Tavern giving it a shot at Travis County Farmers Market, to paraphrase the late Clara Peller, where's the produce? It seems to me like the place is just begging for a makeover.

That said, I did buy a $5 basket of tomatoes from the Lightsey Farms booth there on Saturday that has proven to be the sweetest, most succulent bunch of tomatoes I've tasted all summer.

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