Friday, February 04, 2005

Picking Up Where I Left Off...

Felt Up celebrity blogette Jennifer requested some updates on whether I actually follow through on my own suggestions of things to do when you're out and about in the Big ATX. Seems fair enough to me.

Last Saturday, faithful readers will recall I mentioned being torn between a bevy of rock shows and staying home to watch "Seinfeld" reruns. I'm happy to report that I caught one of two sets by the Ugly Beats at the Carousel Lounge. I can't think of a better place to see Sixties-style garage rock. The Beats opened with "I'm the One" from their Get Hip debut, Bring On the Beats! They also did a fine cover of the 13th Floor Elevators' "Splash 1." The set's highlight was a guest appearance by Chris Gernitottis, former vocalist for Corpus Christi's Zachary Thaks. He sang the Thaks' 1966 regional hit "Bad Girl" as the Beats provided enthusiastic and reverent backing. The crowd loved it. I like a band with a sense of history.

On Tuesday, I mentioned the February installment of the Dionysium at the Ritz. I attended that, too. The evening's theme was love. I got there just in time to see Neal Pollack read two selections from his "Bad Sex" column in Nerve. It's one thing to write about bad sexual experiences for the page, but quite another to read those pages aloud before an audience. Occasionally Neal would just have to stop and shake his head as the audience broke down laughing. It was hilarious.

Tim League from the Alamo Drafthouse brought in a shockingly explicit 1972 sex education film with full frontal nudity and challenged us to figure out who the audience could've been. I can't imagine you could've shown such a thing in high school, but then again, we've regressed a long way in 33 years when it comes to having a healthy attitude about sexuality. In addition, L.B. Deyo debated Meridith Boyd on a resolution to legalize prostitution. Although both Deyo (pro) and Boyd (con) did a good job debating the virtue of vice law, the resolution was narrowly approved by audience members. I had an early call at my desk job the next morning, so I left shortly thereafter, happily besotted with both knowledge and imported beer.

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jennifer said...

Thanks, Greg! Now I can sleep at night, knowing how these things turned out.

Also, I love how you make me sound like I am celebrity, instead of a lowly blogger OF celebrities. I feel so glamourous!