Friday, February 25, 2005

Perverted Son Calls It Quits

If you're planning to tie one on this weekend in honor of the good Dr. Thompson, think about pouring a little something on the block for Perverted Son Records. The Austin avant-punk label, run by Josh Chalmers and J.D. Fanning, is ceasing operations after six years and 18 releases.

I wrote a profile of Perverted Son in 2003 and was very impressed with Josh and J.D.'s work ethic. I'm sure it'll continue to serve them well in their screen printing business, Bearded Lady Printing. Though Perverted Son didn't have the distribution muscle King Coffey's Trance Syndicate had in the Nineties, they still managed to document a vibrant slice of the scene, putting out albums by Tia Carrera, Gorch Fock, Brown Whörnet and their own Oh, Beast!

Running a label is usually one of those labors of love that sucks the love right out of you over time, along with a substantial chunk of your disposable income. Nevertheless, Perverted Son leaves behind a body of work Josh and J.D. should be proud of, even if they can't take it to the bank.

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