Sunday, February 27, 2005

Brady Bunch Season One

At last I can own my beloved Brady surrogate siblings forever on DVD! Season One of The Brady Bunch hits stores Tuesday. Having pored over these episodes since the age of six, I'm keenly aware of how butchered they've become as callous cable networks edit out seconds here and there to maximize commercial time. It will please me greatly to watch them as producer Sherwood Schwartz intended them to air back in 1969.

Although I definitely want Season One in the library, my all-time favorite Brady episode is "Peter and the Wolf" from Season Five. It's the one where Greg enlists a poorly mustachioed Peter (alias "Phil Packer") to go on a blind date with his girlfriend's cousin, who turns out to be quite hot. The girls realize they're being had, so they set up a second date where both of them fawn all over "Phil" at the pizza parlor, leaving Greg high and dry. Hijinks ensue when it turns out to be the same pizza parlor where Mike and Carol are entertaining clients from Mexico. Oops!

Next up on my Brady Bunch wish list: a soundtrack album of all the great incidental music composed for the show by Frank DeVol (a.k.a. Happy Kyne from Fernwood 2-Night).

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