Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Big One Hits Houston

Ever wonder what would happen if a massive Category 5 hurricane slammed Houston and Galveston head-on? According to this special supplement in the Houston Chronicle, it wouldn't be pretty. In addition to evacuating people from Galveston Island and other low-lying coastal areas before the few roads out get flooded, you'll could also have Tropical Storm Allison-style freeway underpass flooding inside Loop 610. As always, anyone who doesn't have a car (e.g., the poor, elderly, infirm) will be especially screwed when it comes time to leave.


jennifer said...

Did you ever read that book about the hurricane that hit Galveston around the turn of the (last) century?...I think it was called "Isaac's Storm." Anyway, it scared me. Babies floating down the streets, etc etc. Sounds like they haven't improved things too much since then...I'll take a good ole tornado any day!

Greg said...

I read "Isaac's Storm" a couple of years back and it made me glad to be inland.