Sunday, February 20, 2005

My House Was Not On Fire

No fire at the homestead on Friday night, which is good news indeed. Everything was right where I left it Friday afternoon. Special thanks to JenBB for offering to check the horizon for a tell-tale plume of smoke. I'm glad that wasn't necessary.

I think I will go ahead and figure out a way to "arm" the smoke detector so it goes off when there's smoke but not when there's mist. Perhaps that's the lesson to be learned here. No sense in possibly dying of smoke inhalation just because I like really hot showers, right?

Despite the "fire alarm," I had a fine time with my folks in H-Town. We went to Fajita Flats, their lively neighborhood Mexican restaurant, and drank margaritas as the jukebox boomed out all-star jams like "Mambo No. 5." When it's your birthday, they put a sombrero on your head and make you ride around the restaurant on a stick pony. I found this out by surprise a couple of years ago when the waiters snuck up behind me with the sombrero, but my mom told them not to make me ride the stick pony because she thought it might embarrass me too much. Surely by now she knows I'm more than capable of embarrassing myself on a much grander scale than that!

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