Saturday, February 12, 2005

Krystal is Koming to Austin

No, I'm not talking about some porn starlet making a personal appearance at an adult bookstore (if that was the case, I almost certainly would've yielded to the temptation to say "kumming").

Krystal is the White Castle of the South. Founded in 1932, the Chattanooga, Tn.-based company sells square two and one half-inch hamburgers by the sackful with grilled onions, a pickle and a tiny dollop of mustard for that extra kick. The mustard is key to delineating Krystal from White Castle. Being in direct competition with Chick-Fil-A, Krystal also sells a yummy miniature chicken sandwich called the Krystal Chik.

As with most fast food guilty pleasures, eating six or more Krystal burgers at once is best accomplished in the wee early hours while under the influence of your favorite mind-altering substance(s). Unfortunately, the first area location (opening later this year) will be way the hell out in Georgetown off I-35 at Williams Rd. Designated driver, anyone?


jennifer said...

I never met a tiny hamburger that I didn't like.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Krystal, but I can say with great authority that eating White Castle burgers is the perfect way to end a drunken(and freezing)evening in Ann Arbor. Oddly enough, these crazy Midwesterners act as though it's the most disgusting food on the planet. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

There is already one open in the Dallas area. My wife and I made a pilgrimage last time we were up there visiting her parents, and took them along. It was so packed there was a line out the door and people were waiting up to an hour for the delicious bite-sized burgers. We waited, and yes, it was worth it. So much for "fast food." -- Travis H. Lurker

Chepo said...

Why does the North of Austin get all the good shit!!! Round Rock just had to have the goddamn Panchos! And now G-Town is having the Krystal? I do see a road trip. On the last day of David Garza tour, I ate 12 of them. TWELVE.

Greg said...

Sadly, Chepo, the Round Rock Pancho's is no more. I hope a similar fate doesn't befall the one on 290 in Oak Hill.