Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ron Titter Monday, Las Vegas Weekend

The Ron Titter Band is playing at Momo’s on Monday, Feburary 20 at 11pm and again on Monday, Februrary 27 at 12:30am. It’s all part of this weekly showcase they do called “Oddville,” where comedians do sets in between bands. We’re playing with The Whiskey Decision on the 20th and 20 Eyed Dragon featuring Doe Montoya on the 27th.

Momo’s is right above Katz’s on 6th Street. I’ve never played there before. However, when it was still Top of the Marc, I co-hosted the Texas HIV/STD Conference talent show there dressed as Sonny Bono alongside a male colleague dressed as Cher.

I’m off to Las Vegas today after work to join up with my pal Kevin Fullerton from Seattle for a long weekend of graying-templed debauchery. For me, this means I might drink more than two beers, eat too many buffets, and lose $20 playing slots.

Depending on wireless availability, I’ll do my level best to keep you updated in between dry heaves.

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