Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gimme Shelter in Oddville

If you're looking for kicks Monday night, come on down to Momo's to see The Ron Titter Band with 20-Eyed Dragon. You might get more than you bargained for.

We played there last Monday for this weekly show called "Oddville," where bands and comedians share the stage. A lot of the comedians are there to try out new material, which equals more offensive jokes per capita than what you'd get at a real comedy club.

Despite a handful of miscues (I sang gibberish through an entire verse), our show went reasonably well. Owing to work, I left right after we finished. That's when shit got crazy.

Quoth guitarist David Wyatt, "Afterwards on the back deck where people load out down the stairs into the alley, a drunk patron all riled up on the edgy comedy and music verbally attacked the drummer's girlfriend from The Whiskey Decision and an old-fashioned bar fight broke out with chairs broken over heads and the whole thing.

"Luckily our very tall bassist, Reed Burnam was on the scene and helped others split up the bloody brawl but not before someone pulled a knife (presumably for show).

"To add injury to insult, one of the comedians was giving Reed a ride home and wrecked into some inanimate object on the way home."

So, um, come on down this Monday if you're a hearty soul and see if we can't top that episode with gunplay or perhaps a bludgeoning. We're playing around 12:45.

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