Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Blind Wave-Through

Yesterday afternoon, I was fixing to make an unprotected left turn across three lanes of heavy traffic on North Lamar when the driver in the near lane came to a stop and waved me through, seemingly without having the faintest idea of whether there was oncoming traffic in the other two lanes.

I know this driver was just trying to be courteous, but he could've been waving me right into getting T-boned at 50 mph. I suppose he might've checked his rear-view mirror without me seeing him do it, but I've seen too many drivers blindly wave left-turning cars into traffic to trust anyone to do that. Either way, he was screwing with the natural flow of rush hour traffic, making drivers behind him stop needlessly and unexpectedly.

Isn't this something people should be taught not to do in driver's education? I don't care what your intentions are - it's not nice to wave people through when you can't see what's coming up behind you. I could've been KILLED, for chrissakes!

Oh yeah. Happy Valentine's Day.


snax said...


It's "Singles Awareness Day", didn't you get the memo?

jennifer said...

This is a big pet peeve of mine. By acting overly "courteous," these drivers are often leading us to our early graves! And many times they look all annoyed if you don't take them up on their offer!

Anonymous said...

Ah,hell...I've been known to do this. Guess it's time to mend my ways. Glad you weren't pulverized, Greg.


Karla said...

I just like that you said you were "fixing to" make your turn.

I miss Texas-isms like that.