Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jen Trynin's Radio Daze

Remember the post-Nevermind era when major labels started signing lots of indie acts with the hope that maybe one would become the next alternative superstar?

Jen Trynin was one such artist. After years of low-rent gigs, Trynin suddenly found herself the subject of a label bidding war. After signing with Warner Bros., she had one minor modern rock hit called "Better Than Nothing" (which everyone thought was called "I'm Feeling Good"), but her career never really took off.

Ten years later, Trynin has written a book about her fleeting ride on the Next Big Thing wagon called Everything I'm Cracked Up to Be. Rolling Stone recently published a hilariously horrifying chapter about doing X-station morning radio interviews with surly, ham-headed DJs. Perhaps the most important lesson here is that just because you have a major label record contract doesn't mean you get to sleep in.

Trynin will be at BookPeople tomorrow night at 7pm

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