Wednesday, February 08, 2006

McCain is No Straight Talker

In light of his sarcastic jilted schoolgirl letter to Barack Obama, can we please dispense with the bullshit notion that John McCain is a "straight talker?"

The media loves to portray McCain as a GOP outsider, but every time push comes to shove, he morphs into Bush and Rove's dutiful waterboy. For McCain to still go to bat for that slime machine after what they did to him in the 2000 primaries is sad and pathetic. The bipartisan thing is just a role McCain plays when the Republicans need to appear less rabidly authoritarian.

I respect McCain's military service at least as much as the Republicans respected John Kerry's military service. I also think he's a smart, engaging talk show guest, but that doesn't mean he gets a free pass on disingenuity.

Anyone who votes for McCain in 2008 thinking we'll get anything other than what Bush has given us is making a fool's bet.

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