Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What's In A Name?

After many months of back-and-forth deliberation, my new bandmates and I finally settled on a moniker last Wednesday night.

Actually, it was early Thanksgiving morning when we made it official. Nevertheless, I decided to wait a few days to unveil the name just to make sure it was a name none of us would be ashamed to take to breakfast.

With that in mind, our new band is called The Ron Titter Band.

"The Ron Titter Band?" you're probably thinking. "How the hell did they wind up with a stupid-ass name like that?"

How We Became The Ron Titter Band:

1. We'd been discussing the name issue over drinks for hours
2. It was almost closing time
3. I suggested the name "Titter & Snivel" (y'know, like Brooks & Dunn!)
4. That idea was shot down
5. Our guitarist, David Wyatt, said we should just be called "Ron"
6. That, too, was shot down
7. Someone (it could've been me - I can't remember) said, "What about Ron Titter?"
8. David (I believe) said, "No! What about The Ron Titter Band?"
9. We all began laughing deliriously
10. We shook on it and went home because we were tired

So there you have it. Our first gig is Thursday, December 29 at Room 710. More on this story as it develops.

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jennifer said...

I'm sure Austin will be all a'titter about your new band...