Friday, November 18, 2005

20 Years of Wannabes

Tonight at the Hole in the Wall, the Wannabes celebrate 20 years of gigs alongside Nineties K-Nack faves Sincola, who are reuniting for the occasion.

I first saw the Wannabes back in '88 or '89 at the Cannibal Club. Whenever a slot needed filling there, the Fort Worth-born Wannabes were willing and able. I probably saw them play the Cannibal more than any other band.

While the 'bes made some noteworthy records, particularly 1995's Popsucker, there's no substitute for seeing them live at a bar after several frosty mugs of Shiner Bock. You sometimes hear the term "bar band" spit out like an epithet, but ably warming the cold, cynical cockles of pie-faced lonely hearts with a slurry rendition of Bob Welch's "Sentimental Lady" is as noble a calling as pastoral work.

The Wannabes were the very first band I saw play in the 21st century. They were onstage at the Hole in the Wall when the clock struck the year 2000. After an impromptu "Auld Lang Syne," the quartet launched into a boisterous version of "Freeze Frame." It struck the perfect opening note for a decade that will never be any lighter than it was right then.


snax said...

We had an extra treat last night at Trophy's seeing the original singer Mike Comiskey perform after Hilary. Nice appetizer for this evening's reunion at the Hole!

Anonymous said...

The 'bes were the first band I ever saw in Austin when I moved here in early '91. Jennings was one of my bosses at the bookstore that I transferred to, so I felt obligated. Good thing I liked 'em.

I think I've probably seen the Wannabes play more often than any other band anywhere ever. But I've never seen them with the original singer. This'll be fun.


BB said...

I listen to "Atomic Girl" and "Subatomic Girl" almost every time I jog. That's a seriously underrated band. I still discover things in their songs.

Anonymous said...

The Wannabes were the very first band I saw play in the 21st century.
That was a fun show indeed. But my favorite Wannabes show was the first one I saw, back at the Electric Lounge. Jennings was wearing a lovely dark green dress of his girlfriend's.